Walk in ... Dance out
Class Descriptions
This class is an introduction to Ballroom Dancing and is helpful to students with little
or no dance experience. The basics of six dance steps ( Waltz, Cha Cha, Rumba,
Foxtrot, Tango, and East Coast Swing ) are taught during the six week session. A
different dance is covered each week with an emphasis on basic footwork and having
This class is for beginning students with some knowledge of Ballroom dancing, but
at a very basic level. The entire six weeks is devoted to a single dance ( for example,
Waltz) and a variety of steps are taught. The class starts with fairly easy steps and
progresses to more difficult steps at a comfortable pace. After completing the class,
students should know enough steps to be able to dance socially at the bronze
(beginner to intermediate) level.
This class is for students who have successfully completed the Intermediate Class
and are ready for more advanced steps. The entire six weeks is devoted to a single
dance ( for example, Waltz) and students are expected to know the basic Bronze
(beginner to intermediate) level steps and have some knowledge of proper frame,
posture, and ballroom terminology. This class is taught at the Silver (intermediate to
advanced) level and includes steps that are more flowing and stylish.
If you have questions regarding which class would be a good starting point for you, please contact Carol
Johnson. Carol can explain the details of each class and help you choose a class that matches your
current skill level.
Students in the Intermediate and Advanced level classes are encoraged to stay and participate in the
lower level classes when possible. This serves as a review of the basic steps and gives the newer
students a chance to dance with more experienced dancers.