Walk in ... Dance out
Message From Carol
Hello Students,

This is going to be a difficult letter for me to write, and yet I have always known that
eventually this day would come. I have journeyed with you through the dance world for
twenty some years now. How time flies when you are having fun. And dancing is truly
fun. And so were my classes. I think however, the time has come for my dance
classes to end. I do not have the words to express to you how much all of you mean
to me. For twenty some years now I have watched you on Monday nights come
through those doors into the gym. You are like family to me. I could not love you more.
I will miss you more than you can ever imagine. All of you are like my children and it's
hard for me to come to grips with it all. I plan for November 27, 2017 to be my last
Monday night dance class. I would love for anyone who has ever attended my classes
to come to the church for my last class. It will be just a dance and fellowship with one
another from Seven O'clock until Nine . Please help me get the word out to anyone
you see who might not be on my email list. I would love to see every face I can.

I would also like to thank all my helpers that I have had through the years. My classes
were successful because of your wonderful dedication to the classes through the
years. I had the easy job. I do not have the words to express my gratitude. All of you
will remain some of my most loving memories, throughout the remainder of my life.
May all of your lives be filled with lots of love, happiness and most of all good health.
My last request is please keep dancing.

May God's love and peace always be with you !!

With all my Love,