Walk in ... Dance out
Message From Carol
Hello Students,

I am trusting that all is well with each of you. It's time again for me to remind you to
mark you calendars for Monday February 20, 2017, for another Monday night of
dancing with your friends. I had lots of love expressed to me by my dance class this
past Monday, and even more on Valentines day by my family and other special
friends. I deeply appreciate all of you. I am a very blessed person!!.

We will start another six weeks of dance this coming Monday. I will be teaching Swing
in the 6:00 O'clock Class and Cha Cha in the 7:00 o'clock. These are two fun and
energetic dances. Please let your friends know. It's Important to start at the being of
the six weeks. The more people in the classes, the more fun we seem to have.

I look forward to seeing you Monday. Have a great rest of the week and a wonderful
and restful weekend.

Love to all,